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Jeremiah 29:11

I remember the moment when the idea for The Ragged Truths of a Righteous Man came to me. I was sitting alone, reflecting on my own journey as a man of faith, and I felt a sudden urge to share my experiences with others. But it wasn't just about sharing my story – I wanted to create a guidebook for other men who were on a similar path. It was then that I felt a profound sense of inspiration, almost as if a voice was speaking directly to me.   I knew without a doubt that this vision was from God. He was calling me to use my gifts as a writer and communicator to create something that would inspire and challenge other men to live out their faith in a more authentic and courageous way. As I began to write and reflect on the rugged truths that I had learned throughout my own journey, I felt a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.   It was as if every word I wrote was infused with a divine energy, and I knew that this book and journal would be a powerful tool for helping other men grow in their faith and go from rugged  to the righteous men that God intended them to be.

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